Where can i find first network initiate part at the OpenWrt SDK?

When router boots, it initiates network, in order users to connect to Wi-Fi.

I have a Wi-Fi ON/OFF option at my router.
If i set my Wi-Fi to OFF, it restarts the Wi-Fi(/etc/init.d/network restart), and turns off it.
These settings are saved, and when i reboot the router, it turns off the Wi-Fi signal like following.

  1. start up the router, initiates network
  2. re-initiates network after reading the config file(ifchk), which leads shuting down the Wi-Fi signal

This makes my booting time slight longer. i've erased /usr/bin/ifchk code at the cron, which has the etc/init.d/network restart code, and obviously it can't turns off the Wi-Fi, but i can reduce my booting time around 10 seconds.

ifchk is a file that i made with C, which checks Wi-Fi interfaces are On or Off.

Before the crontab initiates while boots, network is initiated.

So what i'm gonna do is, before first network initiate, i'm gonna initiate /usr/bin/ifchkBoot, which is the exact same with ifchk, but doesn't have a network restart command, and erase /usr/bin/ifchk at the cron

However, i have no idea where i can find the first network initiate code at my SDK.

any tips for this?

What SDK? What ifchk?
To my knowledge there has never been an ifchk command in the normal OpenWrt.
You are likely using a third-party SDK derivative that has proprietary commands.

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ifchk is the file made with C as i told you. it stands for interface(wireless) check.
that's not a command.
anyways, it has system("/etc/init.d/network restart"); code, that restarts network in order to turn ON/OFF the Wi-Fi

It checks the UCI config value and turns ON/OFF. Luci/Lua script is the one which actually writes ate the UCI config.