When the log service is stopped, dns stops working

I used to stop the LOG service to improve the performance of the router, and in the new version of the firmware,
if you stop this service and restart the router, then dns do not want to work. Is it planned to fix this problem in the new firmware version?

Is this even a known bug, if not it won’t get fixed (if there is a bug)?

I doubt that cpu work will drop performance, or you really need to buy a new router.

How many log lines do you have per hour?

Have you installed some other log service?

What device do you have?

I don’t need this service at all, you can turn off the log in any standard router, but you can’t do this in advanced openwrt firmware, how is this possible? :slight_smile:

Let me introduce you to the The famous ostrich!


But normal logging is only saved as rolling 64kB of data in ram per default so I don’t see the problem?

And if no logging, then people come here and say something doesn’t work and we want to see the log and then what should we do?

I have nothing against logging, there should be a button to turn logging on and off, that's what I'm getting at