Whatsapp call not working with WAN failover

I am created a WAN failover system using this script and also removing conntrack entries during route switching.

The Existing flow (Ping) is able to switch from primary to secondary wan and vice-versa. However when i try a whatsapp video call, the call get switch over from primary to secondary but gets disconnected when the routes switch from secondary wan to primary wan.

Any help regarding this problem is appreciated.

unfortunately the base sample you've provided shows nothing regarding how you are dealing with conntrack as described...

in order for people to help you... we need to see YOUR script...

but generally speaking... switching your public endpoint is equivalent to changing the address on your house... unless the client renegotiates a new connection or said connection is totally stateless ( icmp ) how do you expect the other end to find your new address?


There is mwan3 package which does exactly what you want.