What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?


What would you flash to that?


In general, you can find firmware download links here: https://lede-project.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload

Filtered for WG3526: https://lede-project.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload?dataflt[Model*~]=wg3526


It comes with Openwrt. You can leave it as is or flash LEDE.


Has anyone tried these things? Look like the same idea as the Zsun devices but maybe a bit faster?


It's using MT7688AN according to this russian review

image 1

image 2


Xiaomi Mini is definitely best sub 50$ device I have worked with so far, and I have probably tried them all :slight_smile:


Did you investigate what was going on? Did the logs show anything?


Have you tested 802.11ac performance separately? How was that?

Restricting access to the internet based on devices mac address and times of the day

So you are fine with 10/100 mbit ethernet ports. That's fine, but it makes them impossible to universally recommend.


For most applications yes, there are very rare situations that I need 1Gbps ethernet, and then if I need that I go with "big guns", something like Mikrotik CSR and Mikrotik CCR devices, or some x86 device with FreeBSD.


Have you used it as a wifi repeater? I see there may be a bug with the nano version which I believe is almost identical hardware


edit: I see they sell an english or chinese firmware version, are they both the same hardware?



It has not been mentioned but if you live in the US, Trendnet sells refurbished equipment direct.

My needs were simple: route packets, n300 wifi, simple iptables. I bought a TEW-732BR 8/64mb. $10.50 + Shipping. The flash is easy and the image is really about 4mb that was padded up to 8mb. There is a fair amount of room to add packages. The original firmware is Linux Based and the code is available GPL.

I liked the form factor with the cable sockets along the base rather than up the side with a small footprint. Mine has been up for several months with the latest stable LEDE.


I like my Newifi mini, it has 16MB of flash, 128MB memory, supports 867Mbps 802.11ac and over 95Mbps HWNAT. On top of that I'v bought it for less 13$, I really couldn't ask any more.


Where from?


If I'm not mistaken the C58, C59 and C60 are all 100 Mb/s while WR1043ND is 1 Gb/s. I don't agree with you about being superseded. Far from it.


They are, whether you think it or not. Yes, C5* all have 100mbit switches but better in all other ways.


Can you be more specific?


Hell is freeze!
Xiaomi has just released Mi Router 3G which is sold at $36 at China ( Currently selling from $50 at gearbest http://bit.ly/2uaHb0h )
It comes with 256MB RAM and 128MB ROM, 1 WAN + 2 LAN Gbit ports, 1200AC WiFi, USB 3.0 port and dual-core 880MHz MediaTek MT7621A which is LEDE compatible!!

What do you expect more for $36? So cheap and sooo powerfull device!

Only downside is having just 2 LAN ports but it's really really powerful device for it's price.
I do not know it's 5Ghz performance but I expect good from MT7621A.
Just ordered one for testing...

Warning, this will be Chinese version. But who cares since you put LeDe in it :slight_smile:


I wrote about it here:

It seems like a great device.
English Language is not available at all. I wonder how fast LEDE will find it's way onto this box.

Where exactly did you find it for $36?


Retail price is 249 rmb (37 usd).