What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?


@neheb I did a pull from GH for -HEAD, and I'm still having the same issue despite a completely clean source tree.

The 15.05 build for this device is also based on the WG3526 build, not the WE1326- the filesystem is the same, excepting the MAC address location. Can you point me to a "Stupid Newbie" bit of documentation so I can do more direct research myself before posing more inane queries?




The mt76 driver is here: https://github.com/openwrt/mt76

The commit that fixed my segfault issue is: https://github.com/openwrt/mt76/commit/a5eaeb27d6a80c012ffc8b5bb5549983e446b4ef

As for the mac address, it really depends on the DTS file used for your device.

Relevant sidenote: The MQMaker WiTi comes with no built-in mac address for anything. A script called fixup-mac-address is provided(at least for the WiTi) to fix the issue.


@neheb Sadly, Fusion is thus far refusing to help me with software, beyond sending me the binary of 15.05. Is there an easy way to read the flash device directly so I can search for the offsets? I have a feeling that I'll be cracking it open and finding where to connect a TTL adapter soon enough.



Can we come back to the topic, please?
If you want to discuss special devices and their configuration, you can open a new topic, dedicated to your device.


I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Xiaomi MiWifi Mini. Full 1176 Mbps AC dual band router with 16MB flash and 128MB ram, and it runs perfect with LEDE.

There were some problems with the Wifi but that seems to be fixed in 17.01.1, and it didn't mean much to me personally, because I only use wifi when I can't avoid it.

Downside is it only has two lan ports apart from the wan port, but I converted the USB port to lan with a USB to lan adapter.

The tricky part is getting ssh access. It ships with a Chineese only interface, but there are plenty of youtube tutorials to enable internet access, and after that you can use Google Chrome or Chromium with the built in Google Translate to navigate the admin interface (unless you understand Chinese).
After that you will need to connect to the manufacturers server with a connected Android or iOS device (I used a virtual machine) to get an ssh patch, and after that installation is straight forward.

It's a bit unfair to call it my favorite, since it is the only one I have used with LEDE or OpenWRT (the Chinese interface is what sent me looking at OpenWRT to begin with). But right now it sells for 25-30 dollars with free shipping, and overall I am really happy with it.

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LEDE on D-Link Dir-615 H1 (4MB Flash, 32 MB RAM)

The A5-v11 (4 MB Flash / 32 MB RAM / RT5350F) for 6 USD

and upgrade SPI Flash to 16MB using W25Q128 for 0.30 USD


I would have suggested the Fusion / Airwave FS-WR106, but it came with 14.07, and they offered a binary 15.05 when I asked.

I tried working with what I found from a ZBT WG-3526 (weeks before I got their 15.05 binary), but.. so far, still haven't found where the MAC address is stored. They have stickers, so it's obviously easy-software, but ART isn't really accessible. The 15.05 binary is not stable enough to use, and has so much spurious and random activity that I'll never put it into production until it has a clean build.

My favorite (to date) is stilll the GL-MT300A. It comes with a semi-basic 15.05.1 build, but has a custom LuCI interface (and drops back in advanced mode). The only problem I found is that it usually drops back to 54Mbit, and you have to set/reset it to get it above that for your local LAN.

For ~$30, I can't bitch too much.


I'm currently on the lookout for the router which can be ordered from China, so I'd welcome more feedback about MiWifi Mini's WiFi experience with LEDE 17.01.1 (and not as you said, occasional use). I've been cautioned against MediaTek based devices specifically because of the poor WiFi on non-stock images.


Xiaomi mini with lede 17.01 had serious problems with 2.4GHz in a noisy environment. I tried to use it in the office as ap but the connection was unstable. With stock everything fine.
New xiaomi 3g looks very interesting.


I need advice for best router for runing openvpn and
strong wi-fi performance compatibile with LEDE openwrt firmware....tp-link 1043nd v3 has very slow openvpn speed....I got just 7.5Mb/s....with asus rt-ac 3200 I got more then 30Mb/s but didn't have LEDE support...


ZBT WG3526 is powerful and cheap.


Where can one purchase ZBT devices?
We have quite some in the Table of Hardware: Ideal for LEDE with unknown availability. Would be great if this unknown could be replaced with either Available 2017 or Discontinued, in order to make the ToH more usefull.


ZBT can be purchased from aliexpress


It is one of my favorites for LEDE now. It is similar to DIR-860L B1, but I can't find the B1 anywhere.


It did have many problems in 17.01.0 but most are fixed in 17.01.1. What version did you try @AmbientSummer?

@stangri after gaining more experience, I would say that WiFi is decent in 17.01.1. I have had stable WiFi connection for at least 24 hours. And it seems like the mt7620 chipset is being actively worked on, and it is supposedly improved in 17.10.2.


Crap, I've accidentally ordered Xiaomi Mi WI-FI 3 instead of Xiaomi Mi WI-FI mini and it's too late now to order another one. I've only found one thread asking about the support status of that router. Is anyone aware of the lede project success stories for Xiaomi Mi WI-FI 3? Can I just flash either mini or nano files?


GLI GL-150 , WRT160NL , WRT400N , TL-WR1043ND

Haven't tried them, but looks good :



Are you just randomly picking out stuff? Most if it is very old far from a good idea to get these days.


The MAC 1200r has 2 versions. I have v2: needs a serial connection to flash new Uboot since it has RSA signature check for new firmware. Also a few DTS patches I didn't send a pull request for yet. Very nice price/quality once the MT76 driver works flawless.


diizzy said

Are you just randomly picking out stuff? Most if it is very old far from a good idea to get these days.

I answered the question.

All the routers I list use ath9k, which is the only chip with the latest "air time fairness" mods, so hardly "very old". Also a lot have USB. A lot have external antennas for better signal.

Your requirement of "far from a good idea to get these days" is vague and not apropro to the question.

I suspect you thought the question was, "What's your favorite water cooled gamer script kiddie router that looks really cool and cost $300 or more?" :wink:


WRT160NL has known issues with wifi, hardly recommended and it's draft. TL-WD1043ND is pretty much superseded by C58, C59, C60 series etc. WRT400 is also draft-N...Please don't try to be a smart-ass