What's wrong with my package?

You have already moved the conversation from github to the forum.

For the other part about review I don’t know about the timescale you talk about. This process take the time it takes.
And you need to find reviewers that need the function for the package to actually get them to build it and test it.

But you do have fails on the auto check…
I can guarantee nothing will happen before you have complied to the auto check.

You don’t want to give us your real name, but you still have copyright demands (more on that at the end) and now you come and complain we work slow.
Ohh, my. You must look up and see the news more. Have you heard about the “Linux xz hack”?

Since you are sending in commits in a continuous line it doesn’t look like the code is ready for review.

The commit message must at the bottom contain a “signed off by” line.
Don’t use links in the commit message, they don't work over time. Write the information that is needed in the commit message. It will live for ever, the links don’t.
You don’t say who is the maintainer in the commit message. That is defined in the package make file.

I would change the branch from master to main, master isn’t used anymore. It is only a mirrored branch.

You can’t have copyright lines in combo with gnu licenses. And all these licenses claims are supposed to be defined in the commit message.