What's the difference between firmware version 19.07.4 and 23.05.3?

In Mi router 4c's telegram group version 19.07.4 is labeled as stable and also significantly easier to install where version 23.05.3 is said as latest but installation process drastically different.I am confused as to which firmware to choose.plz help

That is wildly outdated version
Please use official guide:
i.e acquire shell with invasion script, flash 21.02.0, then immediately flash 23.05.3
Newer versions are somewhat larger, install zram-swap package right away to prevent out-of-memory issues under casual usage.

The 19.07.4 build you are referring to is a heavily modified version of a very old OpenWRT, including a bunch of proprietary/closed source changes made by Xiaomi. It is based on a very old version of OpenWRT with an ancient kernel that is likely to have many security issues. The proprietary changes by Xiaomi also mean that you cannot guarantee there aren't backdoors. I have seen logs for Xiaomi routers where they are clearly "phoning home" and it stops when vanilla/actual OpenWRT is installed.


For example;

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Have any video on how to do that especially the zram swap part?(Doesn't have to be necessarily 4c
) Any tutorial is appreciated.

Different device, you need your type sysupgrade file, quite obviously.

watch all or skip to shell access...

Then set up basic wifi:

Then click around user interface, in software section refresh sources and install package by name.