What type of WiFi scan does OpenWrt do, passive or active?

I am running Openwrt 18.6.02 on Mediatek Linkit 7688.
I have got an AP mode wifi setup along with an station mode on same radio.If station is connected or disabled the AP mode works fine but when it is enabled and disconnected AP mode is also lost.
I found out this behaviour is expected as whenever the STA interface looses the connection it will go into an active scan cycle which renders the radio unusable for AP mode operation but when I do a Wifi scan from Luci or cli using "iwinfo wlan0 scan" there is no loss of AP mode.
Is it because this scan is of passive type or am I thinking wrong ??

When the radio is configured as AP and STA, it has to use the same channel on both. The STA part has to use the channel from the upstream AP, so the AP part in your device is down untill the STA part makes a connection.

I don't have a good grasp of the details, but for help with the specific scenario you describe, check out Travelmate.

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If AP part is down until the STA part makes a connection , then how does AP still work when STA is disabled?

It won't work - that's the point. Use the Travelmate package for such setups needing the AP when STA is still down.

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