What SFTP/SSH client do you use on Ubuntu/Linux?


I use WinSCP for SFTP and KiTTY for SSH on Windows. What could be used on Ubuntu for connecting to my router via SFTP/SSH?


WinSCP/PuTTY on Windows
Coda/Terminal on macOS

Other than plain ssh / scp, if you really like a graphical client you could try Filezilla.



Filezilla for SFTP and Asbru for SSH.

Don't know what is available in Ubuntu... I'm using Manjaro (should be very similar on all Arch Linux based distro's)

If you like putty on Windows you can use putty (GTK3) or qputty (QT5) on linux too.

I prefer mounting a remote filesystem with sshfs. But you need to install "openssh-sftp-server" on OpenWrt. Once mounted you can use every tool you like.

If you prefer a tool with the good old "Norton Commander" style there are programs like Double Commander, Krusader, .... Depends on your Desktop Environment.

GNOME Terminal:

ssh root@openwrt.lan

GNOME Files aka Nautilus:


filezilla for sftp (& sometimes just a locally mounted sshfs point)
terminator for ssh

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I just type "ssh" or "scp" on the console, and launch whatever client was included in the distribution...

Do you guys use some thing else? One of those colorful graphic clients, perhaps? I thought we were all brave men here, not little kids! :grin:


I don't know if there is still anyone around managing the connections with ~/.ssh/config
I guess we have become too soft, flirting with that managerial position.


Of course. Managing with ~/.ssh/config and exchanging keys is the first thing to do after getting the network connections work...
Works reliable even if there is no GUI available. And no need to set and remember passwords.
The handling with test devices is very easy. Just backup the entries, flash other firmware and restore ....

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OpenSSH usually.



You folks are like Next Level Jedi material!

I'm just a regular GUI guy. :confused: :confused:

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Nothing wrong with that, we all start somewhere.

I think you can actually install PuTTY from the Ubuntu repo, that's usually a pretty good beginner choice for SSH.

I’m with you sir! I’m much happier at a CLI. As long as I’ve got vi and the shell supports basic bash features, I’m a happy boy.

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No, just pulling your leg... :wink:

$ sed -n 15,19p .ssh/config
Host router.example.com router proxy.example.com proxy ap1.example.com ap1
  User root
  ForwardX11Trusted no
  ForwardX11 no
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_router
$ urxvtc -name OpenWRT -title router -e ssh -t router

I think our friends on non-unix platforms sometimes conflate the ssh client and the terminal (emulator) and are unaware that almost all installed unix platforms come with a ssh client and that desktop platforms come with at least one terminal emulator as well as a file browser which support protocols including SSH and SFTP, obviating the need for any special client software (though such software is readily available).

The confusion increases when X11 forwarding and running a GUI client on remote hosts is involved. In the latter case, I have observed others using MobaXterm with key management, agent and X11 forwarding built in.

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Midnight Commander can work over plain SCP