What package to use for online captive portal purpose?

Currently i'm creating a captive portal using LEDE and NoDogSplash, i want to send user's information to my cloud database using some API request. After that, using their MAC address that i stored on my database to auto connect to my wifi without have to see the captive portal ever again. I know this is quite a difficult ideal to perform but also so much things i can learn from it. If there are any packages tthat support my ideal or some solution to do it, please let me know. Thank you guys

CoovaChilli can do all, what you want.
However, this is heavy stuff. Best docs is the src code, as a lot of outdated docs floating on web.
Be prepared for steep learning curve.

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thanks a lot, i think i will have a research with CoovaChilli.

also worth considering if your users really need to know about your cloud-service, or if you are primarily impeeding upon their ease to access some other cloud-service (which they do care about).

Actually i personally want to try to do things with my cloud-service first, if it is to hard to handle in a short time, i think i could use some other cloud-service,.

Have you done it ever before, can u give me some explaination. I'm quite stuck at the beginning, still don't know what to do with CoovaChilli:((

Have you read https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/captive-portal/wireless.hotspot.coova-chilli already?

Used Coova several times, for special hotspot services. But never configured it with uci.
I warned you; best is, to setup Coova on normal LINUX, before trying on openwrt.

Yes, for like 4-5 times but still can't get the ideal in edit /etc/config/chilli file :((

Can you tell me why i should try it first with Linux cuz i'm a newbie in these things :frowning:

More docs on web; better understanding of parameters; easier testing.