What package(s) or docs? Using a PAC (automatic proxy configuration) url as a DHCP client

My organization has a proxy URL. I am able to connect with my mac:

Mac with proxy URL > SSID requiring proxy URL.

Some of my devices don't have the ability to set a proxy URL. Examples are smart TVs and wifi lightbulbs. So, I want to do this:

OpenWRT DHCP server that doesn't require proxy [A] <-> OpenWRT DHCP client with proxy URL > SSID requiring proxy URL

So, then, the smart tv and any device can connect to the [A] DHCP server without needing to have the proxy URL.

My question:
what packages do i need?
What section of the good OpenWRT docs do I look at?

I can do the config, I think. But I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Context: whenever I search on this, I get a ton of docs about setting up OpenWRT as the DHCP server to do the proxy.pac file, but not as a DHCP client accessing an already setup proxy.pac file

Thanks in advance!

Keywords: proxy auto-config, client. Pdanet

I don't think there is a direct solution to your problem. To explain myself.
Your organization is using a proxy to access certain resources, it can be http(s), ftp, or anything else with socks.
They advertise the proxy details over dhcp with the proxy.pac location so the new clients will know where to find it and configure themselves.
You could open the proxy.pac and see what is inside to use it on the problematic devices directly, or setup a proxy server on OpenWrt to use as an intermediate.