What means WPA2 PSK (NONE) under encryption?

I am using Openwrt in client mode for wifi. And after connecting to my wifi network, I see in luci Encryption: WPA2 PSK (NONE). So does it mean, that I have no encryption or whatever?

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  • This ('client mode') means you connected to an upstream WiFi, I assume
  • This means the AP isn't configured for encryption.
  • This is the same on all Wireless devices.
  • The same should happen with any device you connected to the AP in question.
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But how is it even possible? I thought that wpa2-psk must be tkip or aes.

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Can you show a picture?

What did you configure in /etc/config/wireless?

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Is your client referring to sta or other methods such as using Batman-adv?

I vaguely recall on older openwrt, when you used Batman-adv, it always shows up as wpa2 psk (none).

can you explain how is this possible when WPA2-Personal encryption has been selected?

@dibdot i recall having this same thing displayed before on some of my devices but the encryption in config has been set to psk2+ccmp.

maybe it is just lua error fetching actual encryption value?

To be honest, I'd like to see the OP's picture. I'm not sure I understand the description.