What Linux Live OS have full WPA3 support build in?

I would like to make a list of Linux Live OS that have fully working WPA3 support build into for the people who setup their OpenWrt with WPA3 and would like to make sure their computer is not the issue why WPA3 is not working.

At the moment i dont have a working WPA3 setup, but here are two suggestions. Would be nice if someone with working WPA3 setup could test those distros. Or of course name other live linux isos that work fine with wpa3.

My suggestions because those distros have the verry latest software inside:
For latest gnome based distro(choose desktop edition): https://clearlinux.org/downloads
For latest KDE Plasma based distro(choose testing edition): https://neon.kde.org/download

Just download the iso and dd it to a usb drive to be able to boot from it.

Ubuntu 19.10 seems to support WPA3

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As far as I can see WPA3 should be supported on Gentoo (example: client box using Cinnamon environment with NetworkManager newer than 1.16).

While not a live OS, both Android v10 and iOS v13 now support WPA3. I have tried iOS as a router client for WPA3 and it seems to work.

All operating systems made commercially available by Apple support WPA3 as of now.

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