What is the Right Way to manage and share storage w/ LuCi in 2023?

there used to be a luci-app-diskman plugin for LuCi but installing that appears to do nothing now. I'd like to be able to install and manage Samba and NFS from LuCi as well. is there still a good way to do this?

did you also install luci-compat? without it, the unofficial luci-app-diskman won't work. I't worked for me in 22.03.5.

I ended up accidentally installing this with something else and it worked. Is there an "official" luci-app-diskman?

@lleachii why the edit?

Feel free to PM me if it's not clear. My apologies if you owned the trademark.

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My apologies again if my statement wasn't clear. I merely removed the trademark. BTW, you also have the ability to see the edits made, along with who made them:

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Hope this helps clarify things - and welcome to the community!

that's odd, I literally don't have the message button!

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