What is the menuconfig target profile for Raspberry Pi 2B 1.1?

I have been using menuconfig to create OpenWRT image for my Raspberry Pi 2B 1.1.
It is not seen as an option in target profile page (only up to 2B 1.2 and not 2B 1.1) when I have set the subtarget for my chip BCM2709

Can it please be added to reduce confusion?

If you've tested that the v1.1 hardware works fine even with the v1.2 config, then you could submit a Pull Request / Patch that addresses the description of this.

You might want to look at the git history of this description however, there's possibly a good reason for it being the way it is (maybe there is some compatibility problem.. or maybe just the person that created this only had a 1.2 to test it against).