What is the cheapest supported 16/128 device i can buy in 2019/2020?

I have been having a hard time finding cheap devices that cost less than <$20

I only found

  • GL iNet GL-MT300N-V2 which cost >US$20 + shipping
  • Orange pi zero wificost around ~$20, if i include SD Card, power cable and supply. But wifi can be bit unpleasant to use
  • Mi Wifi nano 16/64 (using it now) but comes with lots of problem.

Any one know of other cheap devices?

the other sticky thread are old and contain lots of EOL/Soon to be unsupported devices.
Please post devices that is supported, & WIP ok but not preferred.
No EOL, No 4/32, No Unsupported Devices.

Never saw Mi Wifi nano before, what problems does it have?
edit: and where do you buy it? all i find is $30+

There is not mutch under 20$. The chepest router I have seen in about 2 3 months is the ea6350 I seen it on amazon for £34, but even that is not available any more.

Why select MTK chips amongst GL.iNet products?

I think its a defect from factory, not openwrt per se, since problems exist in stock firmware.
tends to overheat and freeze, require daily reboot.
bought it last year during visit to china. cost me about $20.

Because its the cheapest one with 16MB/128MB among their product.
I'm looking for the cheapest device for openwrt 2020 and beyond.

if you;re looking for a 2020 and beyond device you should also add gigabit to your requirements


Used routers multiply like rabbits. Buy used on ebay. If you really only want 16/128, then a used Archer C7 can be readily had for ~$20-$25 shipped. Or upgrade to a EA6350v3 for the same price and get 128/256 and a 4 core processor, just be sure to confirm v3 (with Seller, or via picture of label underneath router). For a lot more coin (but cheap for what you get), an EA8500 can be had for around $55 shipped. Personally, I'm through buying new. Garbage can rescue is the way to go.


Looking at market trends and where most (open source) effort goes ARM64/AARCH64(ARMv8-A) is the way to go apart from x86-64. ARMv7 is still viable and relatively recent SoCs will most likely be supported for a long time but it's "only" 32-bit and most all "new" designs features 64-bit cores instead and not to forget crypto instructions etc.

Mi router 3g, about 35$

Except that is no longer available, silently replaced by the Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G V2 - which is more limited and harder to deal with.

I understand how you feel, such a waste to throw away perfectly good routers..
Personally, I have rescued many old ISP modems and turn them into APs for my family and friend (along side donating my own old openwrt router).
I have a bunch of them left still. ISP in my country include modems/router with their subscriptions, and then just practically throw them every ~2 years.
Sadly these aren't openwrt compatible
Demand for consumer router is small in my country, people here mainly buys wifi extenders (cost less than $8). :expressionless:

Due to this, there is very few who sells good pre-owned router, and its easier to get new ones.
I dont wanna spend alot of $ only to give to someone else in a few yrs time.

This is the best I've found.

Yeah. its a good option. same as @murraydr44 post above.
Thou its not officially supported by Openwrt Team.
well see if there is more options

In fact, you can buy some used MT7621AT 16/128 32/512 routers for around £10 during your time in China.

There are also a small number of used routes using Qualcomm SOC, but the price is more expensive.
However, they are often used for CPU-intensive work throughout the year.
And I have a Qualcomm SOC router, and the 5G WIFI of one of my MT7621 routers can't work. In fact, the MT7620 router I have is working very badly, so even if they are cheap, I don't want to buy any more.

ZBT-WE826 ; MT7620-based, works like a charm. Workhorse for lowcost hotspots.

If you can buy it, the MT7621 performance will be slightly better, and the MT7621 supports HWNAT.

Correct. But the question was regarding cheapest device.

You are right, at least in the EU, you can't buy the MT7621 router for about 10 euros.
And even if you can entrust a transshipment company to deliver the courier to the EU, I am afraid that the freight will not be cheap, and it is not worth it.
Of course, it happens to be another thing in China.
Although these are real e-waste, they should be fun.