What is the best way to create a Firmware image of my CURRENT config


I made some mistakes when setting up OpenWrt so I had to install everything and config everything again...and this happened to me twice

How do I create an image where I can find all the installed apps and config files so if I screw up I can reflash to something working fine ? What's the best way to do it ?

Thanks a lot

There are two options:

  1. Easy: Create a backup of your configuration -- you can restore that backup easily after a reset to defaults or flashing a fresh image. You still need to install packages that you want that are not included in the standard image, but that is relatively simple (typically just opkg update; opkg install <package1> <package2> ... <package n> so just keep a record of what you've installed and it is easy to redo at anytime; there are also some scripts on the forum that can help here, as well).

  2. Harder: Use the Image Builder to include all your desired packages and your config files. If you mess something up, you can always reset to defaults (your own custom defaults apply) and you're good to go. Be careful, though, you load bad configs into the image, recovery is a bit more complex.

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Thanks for your help.

I Think I'll go for the Easy way for now. The harder way seems...hard.

If I want to try that harder way, can I do it with the Ubuntu shell of Windows 10 ?

Maybe?? I don't know how Windows 10 really works. Worst case, just install VirtualBox and an Ubuntu guest OS. The documentation for the image builder should be useful, but feel free to ask questions, of course.


I'll try to make an image when everything will be up and running. For now I think I'll just go with the backup files.

Thanks for your kindness anyway.


I have now a Openwrt up and running. I might add some features but I'd like for now to make an image of this config.

Before that, I'd like to upgrade to the latest version of Openwrt (19.07.2).
The last time I updated to firmware (from 19.07 to 19.07.1) I lost everything and had to configure everything again.

So how to upgrade properly ? After that I will try to make a backup of the current image.