What is the best router with phone and IPTV ports to install openwrt?

Hello, i was looking for best router to install openwrt and did not found any with phone and IPTV ports.
Looking for recommendations if there's any.

What do you mean by phone and iptv ports?

IPTV runs on IP, so all you need are standard ethernet ports. And the same goes for VoIP phones. However, "analog" o POTS phones need special ports, and I am not aware of any supported device having those, you will probably need an external adapter (usually called ATA).


As Eduperez said, pots port for line phone.

Thanks for advice, so there's no router with pots port to install openwrt, right?
Is there any other open source project for routers with pots ports?

Not an expert, but there is (was?) the "Mesh Potato" project : https://villagetelco.org/mesh-potato/ ... which ran a version of OpenWRT ...

If your ISP provides you with VoIP/ SIP, while you need classic analogue telephones locally, it is possible to use (only) OpenWrt in that scenario. OpenWrt usually does support the FXS (~phone) ports of the lantiq vr SOC (technically also some of the older ones, but there it's getting increasingly difficult) via asterisk and chan_lantiq, providing the option to deal with xDSL modem-, router- and VoIP/ SIP pbx/ ATA uses in one device.

Configuring asterisk is not for the faint of heart, but it does provide you with an enterprise pbx solution and the option to use your router's analogue phone ports.

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I am looking for ethernet 1gbps router with 1 phone port.

There is no lantiq vr9 that would do routing at 1 GBit/s linespeed, far from it (~1/10 at best). Now several of them will offer 1 GBit/s LAN ports, the linked page should give your guidance.

I don't think a phone port is that simple. I may not understand your question, but the following comes to mind as possibly helpful. You could plug a voip device (Amazon best sellers) into an openwrt device configured as an internet router, but you will still need a VOIP provider (article on residential voip providers found via google search). For TV, same issues, device (Nvidia shield, etc) and service (Netflix, IPTV, etc). Openwrt excels at routers and wifi access points (effectively pipes for stuff like VOIP, IPTV, email, www, etc).


Buy a cheap-in-your-area VOIP-to-POTS or VOIP-to-DECT box.

I previously would have suggested the OBi202 or similar, but apparently they have locked them down now. I have seen recommendations for Gigaset products, though I have no personal experience with them.

If you're mainly looking for an all-in-one, ZyXEL P-2812HNU is probably the best option. It has 5x 1Gbit LAN ports, VDSL modem and 2x FXS ports.
However, you won't get anywhere near 1 Gbps with routing, so the best thing you can do is to buy a decent router and a separate VoIP ATA adapter. Linksys PAP2(T) can be found for around 20-25 euros/dollars. I use it and it works fine.