What is the best nano-sized dongle to use on a client with a LEDE AP?


I'm going Raspberry, and am looking for a nice small WiFi dongle to use with it. My access points always run LEDE/OpenWRT.

I wonder if anyone here has any good, affordable recommendations, or experience with these?

TP-Link Archer T1U is a/n/ac 5 GHz only. TL-WN725N is single stream b/g/n 2.4 GHz. As far as I know now, there are no nano-sized dualband dongles. Any good experiences with getting a signal to either of these or any dongle like these through a hollow wooden wall and some five meters distance? Should I prefer 2.4 GHz in this situation?

My access points are, for the purpose of this question, TP-Link and dualband.


On the part of Raspberry Pi, this question seems to be moot, since the newest models have an integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. But for other clients, I think this is still a worthwhile question.

See also:

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I wish there were performance guides for these, as well as for regular sized ones.

The antenna is a big part of the performance picture, probably more so than the hardware, and the smaller you make them, typically, the more compromised they are. You can find data on performance for routers, (smallnetbuilder and the like) but not very much for dongles, it seems. Try a few yourself, is probably your best bet.

...and don't forget to report your findings, so others may benefit from your efforts. :slight_smile: