Best dongle wifi USB dual band 2.4/5ghz for raspberry pi 3 with LEDE

Hi to all, what are your recommendations?
I think (as a user told me) that i must prefer ath10k devices! But what are the best ones?
I tried awus036nha (only 2.4) and it is as the broadcom stock chipset!

only 802.11ac ones
both Mediatek and Realtek devices work (currently ?) on x86_64
To my knowledge mt7610u is tested on raspberry pi but not with LEDE.

So i can't buy anything better than awus036nha, it's right?

To be clear
I don't know and from my POV and don't care..

I've seen the various post from you, last one in in this thread

I can help you here but don't because lack of time and if I do someone ask me for other $platform to support, so tough.

Currently there is some work done in a more general way and my crystal ball is broken (all the time), so no promises here in this area, which device wins the race.