What is the average data consumed by a person in an hour or a day?

What is the average data consumed by a person on a device per hour or per day? Assuming they are just doing general browsing.

Any stats on that?

ABS reckon it’s a lot. Almost 3TB per person per day.

(a) The volume of data downloaded is reported for the three month period prior to the reference date.

So you better divide by 90 days

Which I’m pretty sure I did, but double check me please:
3837215TB / 90 days = 42635TB
42635TB / 14720000 connections** = 2.89GB

I did some rounding obviously.
** connections is obviously not the same as individuals.

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Maybe substitute population for connectionss

I'm not even going to open the link and just say even divided by 90, the number is waaaaaaaaay to high. Seriously, 3TB a day? What are you smoking :slight_smile:

I'd go with something like 50-200 MB a day. This is just guessing though.

You would have to ask the ISPs who provided the data to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Not that it is included in this round of statistics, but a single telco in Australia had a “free data day” which saw 2686TB of data downloaded in a single day over mobile.

I agree that it sounds high, but there are obviously outliers in both directions when talking about these statistics.

If we instead divide by the population of Australia, we would get
42635TB / 24899100people = 1.75GB per person per day
That popultion number doesn’t line up exactly with the other data set but it’s close enough.
Also a more reasonable number.

The subscribers/connections also include organizations and businesses.

Should have been 14.7 Million connections

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This is what happens when you read data in a hurry on a phone. Corrected, thanks!

If you are a Comcast customer, then perhaps you will probably max out your quota within 3 days with such a 200 MB/day usage.

My phone used 52 MB of mobile, and 8.7GB of wifi, both in an approximately 30 day period. That's just my phone though.

1hr of video streaming is something like 3GB. So on a per day basis I'd guess typical for people is something less than 8 hours of streaming = 24GB. And something more than 1GB for anyone who has at least 20Mbit connection

He said general browsing, I don't know if the average person actually streams that much on every device. For sure some youtubing, but let's be realistic.

I'm just providing a way to get bounds on the quantity, the truth is that the distribution is going to be wide and lumpy, the average won't be particularly representative, it's only if you have 10 or 20 people behind the router that the average will be meaningful. However we can pretty much guarantee that one person will stream less than 25 hours of video per day and will never use less than zero bits per day :wink: so we can certainly get meaningful bounds

That's megabytes not gigabytes