What is router AWF-5G?

I am find this is:

Installation using the webinterface:

Plug a computer to any lan port of the device.
Hold the reset button.
Power on the device while holding the reset button for at least 15 seconds.
Set you computers ipv4 settings to for the ip, and for the subnet mask.
Open in your web browser and upload your firmware using the webinterface.
Do not disconnect the device now! Doing so could eventually brick it.
Wait 90 Seconds for the device to finish the flashing procedure, it will automatically restart.
You can now reload the web page and start configuring OpenWrt.

It seems to be a rebranded ZBT286 ?

You wont say, It seems to be a rebranded ZBT826 ?

It is "WE826 B0" according to the PCB marking. Assuming OpenWrt wiki is correct, it is a 16MB version because it has an SD card slot. You can download [...]we826-16m-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and flash it as shown on the device page. If in doubt - check capacity of the flash chip.

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Since it's so obviously, what was the actual question?

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