What is initramfs-kernel?

I've got a Newifi D2, and here are all I can find on the download site:

  1. d-team_newifi-d2-initramfs-kernel.bin
  2. d-team_newifi-d2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

What is the difference between the 2 images above? And why there isn't a factory installation image?

initramfs-kernel is an initramfs appended to a kernel. Intended to be loaded in memory and boot directly without flashing anything. You'll need a serial console and a TFTP server to use it.

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The initramfs is basically used for testing purposes and is loaded in RAM only to boot the system without the need to replace your original software. sysupgrade version of the firmware is used to flash OpenWrt to a device. Some devices support the use of factory firmware but other devices can be flashed directly with sysupgrade firmware instead so do not need a factory version. You will find more info on your device if you look it up in the documentation.



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