What is in this Kuwfi Router/Modem combo, really?

I purchased a Kuwfi 4G/LTE modem/router combo and the stock firmware is awful. I'm trying to flash OpenWRT, but I cannot seem to identify exactly what hardware this is and what I need to flash. It's supposed to be a WE826 (thought I see many different variations as I search and cannot determine which I have) with an EP06. I may have partially bricked it at this point as I cannot get out of the bootloader (something called "Breed Web"). I've tried an openWRT version provided by Kuwfi, but it doesn't seem to flash.

As of now, I'm stuck in the bootloader and anything I flash just takes me back to the bootloader. Any help on how to figure out what hardware this actually is, what I need to flash to get a different firmware (and/or bootlader if necessary), and how to do so would be appreciated... Sorry in advance for the completely amateur question.

What is on the sticker (bottom of the case)?

WE826-Q, I didn't notice that before. That's helpful for one of my questions! Other than that it just has the MAC address and a serial number.

then, Support for ZBT WE826-Q

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