What is a good NGFF chip?

I am using a qca61xx ngff as an AP but it is weak at best. I'm looking to replace that dell QCA with a better or the best NGFF openwrt compatible wifi chip.


Some probably bad purchases i have been looking at is an intel AX200 and an intel 9260NGW as my AP.

ax200 is unsuitable for AP uses, the whole 5 GHz band is locked by firmware and doesn't allow iniating radiation.

I still consider this active. My AX200 i already owned did show up but did nothing else. The intel 9260ngw i purchased did not even register when i had both the 9260 firmware and intel wifi driver installed. I use the 9260NGW chip in my PC now.

I reverted back to my original qca61xx which uses ath10k and still has terrible reception but it's usable.

Anyone else got any ideas for ngff cards?