What hardware is this? [Technicolor TD5130v2]

Hello everyone! I have a basic modem/router that was replaced in my house and I want to build the LEDE for it, but I don't have any idea what hardware specs it have. Could anyone help?

Left to right:
Winbond W9425G6JH-5
Realtek RTL8676
Realtek RTL8188RE


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Sounds like a Realtek SoC.. I think you're out of luck.

Why I'm out of luck?

It seems not worth your trouble. Looks like 4MB flash with 32MB RAM and a realtek SoC. You might want to search for this SoC on the OpenWRT forum. There was a guy making patches for that SoC. No idea how well it worked.

Better consider to do an investment of 15-20 Usd into a device with better specs and full support. If you want to spend your time developing support for new hardware, better to invest it in more modern (common) hardware, and put this modem in bridge mode.

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Hi there! I have the same router. Does anyone get the right firmware to upgrade it?


Anyone, would in this case be the vendor...

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Well, I am trying to Learn about OpenWrt and how to fix that! I really appreciate if you show me the way to be more effectiveness.


Then you're starting with a device, which is hard to get supported.

I wish you all the best.

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