What happened to the table of hardware?

I was trying to make a recommendation for a friend, I go to:

and I don't see any table at all... here's a screenshot, recent Firefox on Linux... if I click any of the filters, basically nothing happens...

I was about to post the exact same thing. I was trying to find my router in the Table of Hardware - https://openwrt.org/toh/start - earlier this morning, and there was no table visible at all on the page. That page seems to have been fixed (or it fixed itself?) since then, but the one you link to is currently broken in the same way. I'm able to reproduce this in both Firefox and Safari, so I don't think the issue is on my end.

I've been seeing error messages on and off yesterday about pages I visited in the past few days, like 'This page is temporarily unavailable'.

Seems we are having some server issues since yesterday.

Temporary solution in case no datatable is shown: Add ?purge=true to the URL, e.g.


This will purge the page cache and should lead to a working datatable.


I think I have found the culprit for the recent wiki server problems: A plugin (datatemplate) was misbehaving, causing memory usage creep and high server load, which resulted in sluggish response times, error messages like "This page is temporarily unavailable" and missing datatables.

I have been monitoring server load for quite a while now and it seems we are back to normal conditions.

Should you experience any further issues like this, please send me a direct message or at least an @-mention so I get alerted.

Sorry for any inconveniences!


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