What happened to the Belkin RT3200?

Can't find it anywhere to buy it (UK). Is there a similar or better device that is easy to flash? Just need a device that is a good dumb AP which supports 802.11r and 802.11s.

Did you try ebay?

Netgear wax206?

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this, especially if you're looking for easy flashing.

Netgear WAX206 is £80 from Scan including free delivery, pretty much a Belkin RT3200 with a 2.5gig wan port.

Much easier to flash than the Belkin.

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Thank you for the suggestions. Hopefully we will have a good triband one day (didnt ask for that because I know how difficult they are to come across with full OpenWRT support)

Xiaomi Redmi AX6000 if you want full 802.11ax on both bands and a faster chip. Usually a little under $100USD


if AX isn't a must, there's plenty of triple radio devices around ...

Why should ax be a must at this time when it's still slower than ac in real world with mt76?

because OP asked about the RT3200 ?

you probably have to go to AC2600 to be able to achieve AX speed on AC,
AFAIK there are no AC2600 triple radio devices around.

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As long as TCP transmission speeds over 11ax MT7915 links are worse than in 11ac mode the 11ax capability does not matter much.

I'm seeing ~750 MBit/s over mt7915DBDC (DAP-X1860/ master) with Intel ax200, -ax210 and mt7921au clients.

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I see lower performance with MT7915 with my Intel ax201 station in 11ax mode than in 11ac mode: Linksys E8450 11ac faster than 11ax with 23.05-SNAPSHOT

option he_su_beamformee '1'
option he_bss_color '8'

is set.

This is off-topic. Please post over there in the other thread.

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From what I read this applies to WAX206 as well: 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver?

But, yes, MT7622 and MT7915 devices may be a good choice for an 11ac access point. For the topic here.