What does MCS and Short GI tell me?

Having got some clients connected, I am seeing this information.

Can someone enlighten me as to what the MCS number is and what "Short GI" is?


A quick web search produced many results.

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Yes, I had, but although that gives me a technical explanation of the terms, I am none the wiser as to whether it is a good or bad thing - hence the question - what are they telling me?

Short GI = good, association and signal is robust, so wireless frames use a shorter interval spacing to save time on the channel, thus increasing throughput
MCS = higher is better. The higher the MCS index is, the more throughput is supported by the corresponding modulation schema.


Guard interval - the "pause time" on the channel, shorter, good, less pause, more bandwidth

MCS - schemes that are a combination of:

  • streams
  • modulations; and
  • codes

to improve "traffic flow" on the channel.

It relates to radio theory and how to pack as much useful data into the band. The driver and card calculate this on the fly, per client.

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