What are the protocols for editing wiki pages

I believe that I am very 'computer' and 'technically' literate and would like to contribute by editing the following wiki page: "https://openwrt.org/toh/engenius/engenius_ens620ext". Is there something that I must do in order to alter the basic template that currently exists or is openwrt no longer allowing edits of the wiki to take place? I'm just curious about this topic and was interested in helping by changing the page so that would be more relevant. Thanks in advance and best regards...

probably have to register

Tagging @tmomas and @bobafetthotmail for guidance.

To edit the wiki you need to create an account and log in the wiki.

Self-registration of new accounts in the wiki has been disabled because a lot of bots were abusing it and filling it with spam. We are still looking for a solution for the problem, in the mean time only manual registration is possible.

Please send a private message to me or tmomas with the nickname you want to use and your email. We will manually register you and then you will be able to edit the wiki.

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  1. Follow the instructions given in the grey boxes, e.g. grafik
  2. Keep the overall structure of the page, i.e.
    2.1) the order of the sections (e.g. do not pull ahead the bootlogs, do not push the "supported versions" to the end)
    2.2) the section headings
  3. If you are unsure if you are doing it right, you can copy the page to the inbox, edit the page, and then have it reviewed before going "live" with it.

Hello, Thank you kindly, the name would be the same as my openwrt name if thats possible: Solarsails (if that is a problem then let me know and I will send you a different name to use). Thanks again...

Ok, I appreciate that. If I do any edits I will let you know so that you can review them just to be sure or to let me know how I might need to improve what I'm doing there.