What are the criteria for reviewers?

Hi folks,

Yesterday I added a post asking a few questions about review for a new project but I think people took it as a request for reviews and the main question is still unanswered. So I'm asking it in a separate thread.

A couple of people told me that to get my project merged, I need to have people review it first and that I'll need to look for people who would want to do this. Great, but which forum should I ask this on? Do they need to do code review, which means it's gotta be in the Developers forum? Do they need to do functional review, which means basically any part of the forum? Either?

It really depends on the codebase, if it's e.g. LuCI, some of the more frequent LuCi contributors would be the obvious 'candidates'. For general code review, it helps to hang/idle on #openwrt-devel and ask devs active there if someone can review (or if they know someone suited to review a certain piece of code).

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In this case it's shell code + some accompanying stuff like awk, sed and, well, nftables syntax. I guess I'll have to find out how people use irc these days :slight_smile:

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