WG3526 using EM160R-GL

I would like to run openwrt on my WG3526, but I am having issues getting the mbim to show in my protocols, when I load say the default firmware when you add a device you can select mbim. but even after following the instructions on 3g/4g i am not getting that as an option just qmi and that isn't activating my modem. and for the life of me I can not figure out modemmanger.

please be polite with your response i am new to this and don't know much about programming.

consider using this firmware, no programming or manual configuration needed

Thank you for the advice that is the default firmware that is on the router unfortunately they don't keep up to date with openwrt

Currently they are on 19.07.4 and their support for modems is just unbeatable.

then i will look at again last time I look they were still on 18

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