Western Digital My Book World Edition

Hi All,

Nonametr is here. Long time user of OpenWRT/LEDE and first time commenter (please go easy on me).

I have a My Book World Edition (white light) and I have been looking at the supported hardware for LEDE. I understand My Book Live is supported and am just wondering if anyone have tried (or better succeeded) installing LEDE on their WD My Book World Edition (I understand both World and Live have similar hardware?)

Curious to find out about your experiences on the subject..

if anyone interested in seeing the boot logs, I have uploaded them here https://pastebin.com/9VwspUre

CPU info
~ # more /proc/cpuinfo
Processor : ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l)
BogoMIPS : 183.09
Features : swp half thumb fastmult edsp java
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 5TEJ
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0x926
CPU revision : 5
Cache type : write-back
Cache clean : cp15 c7 ops
Cache lockdown : format C
Cache format : Harvard
I size : 32768
I assoc : 4
I line length : 32
I sets : 256
D size : 32768
D assoc : 4
D line length : 32
D sets : 256

Hardware : Oxsemi NAS
Revision : 0000
Serial : 00000acbcd2c2780

and this is how it looks

Also I am aware of the wikidot page (http://mybookworld.wikidot.com) and used it successfully for a few improvements (eg: installed a 2 TB disk, upgraded the Twonky etc) so please save us both time and don't suggest that I should look at that :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, I had a WD MyBookLive and Iomega EZ too, I had installed LEDE on MBL and Debian on EZ, I'm gonna try to install LEDE on EZ too, I saw some diskless WD MBWE cheap here. Have you been able to do something with yours so far?

JFTR: They don't, the hardware is completely different.


I haven't tried anything regarding LEDE really, but have installed opkg as per the wikidot page also upgraded disk to 2 TB.

Interested to hear more about your endeavors if you had any with WD MBWE. Mine is disk based as far as I understand as re installing of the current OS can be done by removing the disk and using an external usb HDD case.

Happy to be a Guinea Pig. How did your MBL perform with LEDE on it?


Edit: realized, I didn't read the answer fully.

Thanks for the correction.

any one can point me in the right direction as to how to install LEDE on my WDMBW? I can't seem to find a pre-built image an will be happy to build it if I can get some pointers. I would appreciate the following to start with;

  • is my WD MBW supported from the CPU point of view? - ARM926EJ-S rev 5 (v5l)
  • if supported what is the three/version I could use

Thanks for your help so far.


By today's standards ARMv5(l) is very slow, you really don't want to use that anymore (especially not beyond its original/ intended purpose).

Yours is called "White light" There is other called "blue rings" since it has a blue double ring led.
If I were you, I will go for:
Let me know if you need help with that.

Thanks Braian87b. Sorry about the delayed response as I haven't had the time to install the Debian on the White Light as yet and intend to do that in the next few months. I will let you know if I have any issues or need help. Your help so far is much appreciated.