Web image builder

Is there any online image builder currently working? Some time ago I used Chef Image Builder and it worked very well. I saw now that the site does not work. I need to edit Generic x64 image.



I tried to use these links but they do not work for generic image

Sorry for that... :confused:

What for customization do you wanna do to the image?

Probably you can use the image builder within docker if you don´t want to setup a linux machine.

I need to add network controller drivers like rtl8152b.

I´m not aware of that this driver is included in the linux source...
Doe you have any reference?


The Chef Image Builder web tool was great because it just added the line "kmod-usb-net-rtl8152" and it automatically installed the dependencies and generated the images.

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I'll try to get an instance up and running again, I'm currently working on some other projects and always postpone it, sorry!