Weak signal for Meraki MR33

OpenWRT running on the Meraki MR33 seems to not have as strong WiFi signal as it did when running the OEM firmware.

Another issue is that I can be right next to the device and barely get over 200Mb/s over 5Ghz as to the 800+ I see on my Asus Router. Again this was fine on OEM firmware.

Any ideas? I took the device apart again and the antennas are all connected fine.

  • Perhaps the OEM firmware had a hardware NAT offloading engine?
  • Newer kernel
  • Changed default WiFi settings
  • Didn't look at power settings

(Providing your Wireless config may offer more clues.)

I recently upgraded the firmware to the newest version from the openwrt site and followed the steps from a fresh install to set it up as a dumb AP. Right now being sat next to the AP I'm getting 433Mb/s with excellent signal strength. The WiFi settings I left the same other than the SSID and passphrase. I set the WiFi power settings for the country to UK but left the transmission power as its default.

Try to setup on two 5Ghz the same channel SSID and security in my case start working with 866Mb/s