Weak 5G, unstable 2.4G

I've just signed on with a new home cellular internet outfit and purchased their 5G/4G modem/router. The router seems to be unbranded, but I'll post a pic if anyone can ID it.

Out of the box, the router's 5Ghz band is barely present, showing one bar of signal in Windows 10, and the 2.5Ghz band randomly switches between full-strengh and no-strength

The ISP suggested changing channels on the 5Ghz band and resetting the modem, neither of which helped at all.

They shipped me another identical modem which has exactly the same problems.

I'm completely out of my depth with OpenWRT (and cellular in general) and the ISP seems to be out of ideas, so I thought I'd just ask here, might this be a known issue and/or is there any simple troubleshooting you can recommend? I'm handy with SSH if that helps.

root@TAKTIKAL:~# cat /etc/openwrt_release

goldenorb is codename of modems+men rooter firmware, not openwrt.
please check model name in first statuspage via web and type it in

Usually you set country code and auto channel in both bands, set identical name and security and never return to it.

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Not supported, but if you are willing to open the case and find serial port....

This device is not supported by OpenWrt, so this forum is generally not a good place for support as long as you are using the vendor's proprietary build - they use Mediatek's proprietary wifi drivers.

Other than that, from the hardware listing, it should be not that hard to add official support, except they don't list which 5G modem it uses, so we don't know.

To add official support, someone needs to have the hardware in their hands and have a serial connection to the device as that's the only failsafe and debug method when a test build fails to boot entirely.

In official versions of OpenWrt (23.05.x and snapshot), the MT7915DN + MT7905 combination of 5GHz/2.4GHz wifi works really good.

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Thanks very much for the info, all! I was looking more for configuration help than help getting OpenWRT supported and installed, so I guess I did ask my questions in the wrong place. I do appreciate the information and will definitely keep it in mind, though!

hi,do you have a DTS of the device? i can help you on that.

i'm not sure why you hate that so much.

Or at least OEM firmware upgrade file.....

not sure about the sense

@ercolino I don't know what a DTS is but if I knew more about it I could see what I could find.

@brada4 I found some firmware on the ROOter site and asked my ISP/vendor about them, and he says those are actually the firmware their developer created, sans presets. In any case, I'm not OK flashing their device except at their instruction. They're pinging their developer about the firmware, but they don't think it's a firmware problem.

They do have a couple of other (different) 5G modems on offer, so if they can't come up with a config fix for this one, I guess we'll try another model of modem and hope for better luck.

Their developer customized rooter firmware - kind of nice for customers at less effort. But we cannot help make it wifi beter.
Here question is if any customer like you opens the device, connects serial port, and tries to port OpenWRT. Like dumps flash memory, extracts DTS, tries to flash OpenWRT image and failing 10x knows how to flash back vendor firmware.

Who said I hate them? I said that people here generally can't help debugging issues with the proprietary drivers.