WDS Station + Dumb AP (WDS Client/Repeater)

I'm hoping to get some help with WDS setup:

  1. I'm wondering if it's possible to configure the repeater side as a dumb access point, similar to the 802.11s mesh?
  2. If this is feasible, is it necessary to have the 'Enable STP' option checked on all routers?

I'd appreciate any insights the community might have on these two questions.

  1. Yes. Example configs: Proper configuration of 802.11k and 802.11v - #107 by patrakov. Note that it only works on non-DFS channels.
  2. I have not touched it, and it is off by default.

STP is useful only if there are loops in the bridge topology, which is not possible for an architecture with repeaters.

I will try this. I have never tried DAWN before. Thanks for suggestion.

DAWN is not needed for your situation. It is just a tool that automatically kicks clients so that they roam to a better AP.

Got it, thanks for the heads up.

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