WDS - sharing to LAN and wireless too

Hello guys, i configured my router to share wifi from Unifi AC-Lite to 2nd router(TP-Link wdr4300) and forced network over LAN to my desktop PC. but... i wanna share internet over LAN and Wireless, probably in new SSID - too at the same.

Sharing over from "1st wifi" to "2nd wifi" and forced to lan is configured yet. Please shall you help me to setup new SSID too together with my original settings??? When i tried to config that, i turned off sharing in whole router.

These imgs are showing my configurations, sorry for resolution i had to upload one big image because i am new member

An AP(WDS)-STA(WDS) link can only carry one network. You can't use VLANs on it e.g. for trusted users and guests or IoTs, which I guess is what you want the "second SSID" for.

Generally I would locally route each guest AP and backhaul it with NAT on the LAN link. In other words the remote AP has a local guest network, a DHCP server for guests, and guest->lan forwarding. If you have more than one remote AP you would repeat this on each one. Firewall rules can be established to prevent guests from reaching LAN IPs, they would only have the Internet.

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