WDS connect failed

Hello, everyone
Recently, I find some unsuitable stituation about the WDS mode. I using lede(wireless driver is ath9k) to construct a WDS network, and everything work ok. But there have some stituation which can broken the connet:
When I changed the IP address of the bridge which using to helped establish the WDS. After that, if I using command :
--- /etc/init.d/network reload
The WDS network will broken(due to client_WDS inactivity timeout) and after that wpa_supplicant try to reestablished the WDS network, but it's failed, due to EAPOL_timeout.
--- /etc/init.d/network restart
The WDS network will be close, and established again. everything works ok.
The different between 'reload' and 'restart' can be find in netifd document. I guess the bridge change make the EAPOL_timeout. I find this in iw document. To enable 4-address mode when creating an interface you should add 4addr on, for example:
iw phy phy0 interface add sta0 type managed 4addr on
In this mode, the new interface can be in a bridge. if it is then you need to use the -b flag to wpa_supplicant to make it listen for EAPOL on the bridge instead of the interface itself.
I'm a new developer to wireless, if you need more info, Please let me know!

I always used ar71xx targets (since I had several tp-link routers around), in order to work properly WDS must be enabled on both ends, and should have same chipset vendor, and if it is possible same chipset model/version or equivalent.
Here are my notes about if you need it: https://gist.github.com/braian87b/8a524a8ad74a36407a8f481e9d16a5c9

The same chipset is not necessary for WDS (actually 4addr) to work, but all devices involved in your WDS setup need to be supported by nl80211 based drivers. In the past that basically only meant ath9k (or b43/ b43legacy, ath5k, rt2x00), these days ath10k, mt76 and mwlwifi are also an option, thereby covering most interesting devices (at least if you run LEDE, instead of the OEM firmware).

Thanks slh, things will be better.
uh, did you know more about the 4 addr relization. I find hostap established a Vlan for 4addr, but not know much more.

Thanks for you notes.