WDS Client not reachable on LAN

WDS Client not reachable on LAN, But still working.

My default subnet:
Main router is
Dumb AP (Wired Backhaul) is
3rd AP Client (WDS) is on: (LAN) (WWAN)

From my Main Router and Dumb AP I cannot access the luci/ssh of the WDS AP Router.
Only from the LAN/WIFI of the WDS Router (Client) himself...

But Ping to is working on all my routers....

How can I solve this?

And another question by the way, can I make the WDS Router (Client) to be part of the DHCP of my Main router? (Like being on, and ignore DHCP), or it's impossible?

Actually you are not able to see it as it is part of different subnet. If you change it to ...1.3 you can access luci. Switch off dhcp and firewall.

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The WWAN is
But the LAN is
I should have mention that, modified the main post :slight_smile:

WDS does not require a wwan or second subnet.

Something is wrong, but the fastest fix is to reset to defaults and then follow the tutorial (adapting as necessary).


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I will try again at the evening and update here, Thanks