WD N900 as wireless range extender?

I am trying to use a WD N900 as a wireless range extender. The only options I see in the settings is a wired ap. Any way I can use the router as a wireless range extender? Is there custom firmware that would give me that option?

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  • :spiral_notepad: The WD N900 is not support by OpenWrt

See: https://openwrt.org/toh/western_digital/n900#supported_versions

  • Nontheless to answer your direct question - OpenWrt is capable of being configured as a Wireless Range Extender (on supported devices, of course)

Maybe I'm missing it, where is the custom firmware download located?

Your device isn't supported by official OpenWrt - and we wouldn't know about a "custom firmware". I apologize if that wasn't clear.

Thank you. Back to my original question, how can I use this router as a wireless app/range extender? The only option in the settings is ap wired.

You would have to take that up with the manufacturer or another forum that discusses that device.

This forum is happy to answer questions about OpenWrt and the devices it runs on. But please understand that we cannot help with any router running any firmware.

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