WAVLINK WL-WN570HA1 - TFTP does not request firmware.bin


I am trying hard to flash OpenWrt onto a WN570HA1. I have tried several firmware versions:


while all of those work and I can initiate the U-Boot TFTP procedure properly (as in keep reset button pressed while powering on / watch led flash rapidly / release button), no firmware.bin gets requested by which is the wavlink's tftp client ip address.

So my device seems to have a locked-up boot loader I guess. There already is a good tutorial of how-to rewrite the bootloader by Connor McMillan (many thanks!) but all of these firmware versions do not have telnet open.

I'd be grateful for any advice on how to approach this.

I was able to run telnetd on RPT70HA1.V4300.200716

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That's great to hear :slight_smile: How did you run it?

and there's no firewall blocking the TFTP calls/requests ?

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thanks, this works, you get telnet on port 2323, credentials are admin/admin.
following Connor's tutorial, cgi-bin/upload_bootloader.cgi is missing. Connor was kind enough to upload a WN575A3 version of the file here. Do not forget to chmod u+x it and put it into the right place as Zheng Jie Tan kindly shows here. I was able to upload the missing upload_bootloader.cgi using upload.cgi as described by Zheng.

But maybe it is not fully compatible with a WN570HA1 since its taken from a WN575A3 image. It accepts the unlocked Bootloader.bin and reboots after the upload, but TFTP still does not request a thing.

I have reflashed the oldest stock I could get back from 2017, but also there is no original upload_bootloader.cgi in the blob.

A somewhat exciting scavenger hunt on a 20 € eBay classifieds device, but TFTP did not happen yet.