Watchguard M200 firewall appliance: could we run openwrt on it?

Hello all,
I have a couple of Watchguard Firebox M200 firewall appliance lying around after upgrading to newer units.
Could we build an openwrt image for them? It would be fine recycling them as a good router.
AFAIK Openwrt is the only Linux network/firewall distribution supporting power architecture.
Here are the specs. Software image is written on SD card.

Hardware Specifications:
Firebox M200
Processor Freescale T1042
Storage Micro SD 8 GB
Memory: RAM 2GB DDR3L 1600MT/s, 64-bits width,
non-ECC, U-DIMM type

In theory, yes - in practice you'd be looking at a lot of work.

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Keep an eye on the new qoriq target. I expect M200 support to land there early next year.

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Interesting news. I don't have the M200 anymore, but I could retrieve a Watchguard T35, based on NXP T1024, Memory 2 GB, Storage 16 GB mSATA.
Let me know if I can help testing.

Once musl is fixed to not hardcode AltiVec instructions on PowerPC64, adding M200 and T35 support shouldn't be too hard. I will not be working on T35 as I do not have the hardware, but you could always give it a go yourself, using the M300 and future M200 commits as example?

Having a ton of trouble getting it to work via source myself, so I can't wait for it to be officially supported :smiley: I have a stack of M200s and M300s