Want install OpenWrt via serial | Archer c7 V5

Hi Guys how is it going?
Well I could' find any guidelnes clear about how to do it via serial.
I have connectivity to device as you can see via serial

Could you share with me the way to do it?

I think that is an OpenWrt based third party build. See if you have the sysupgrade command. If so, get the sysupgrade OpenWrt image into the /tmp RAM disk and run sysupgrade -F -n filename to install it. Ways to get the OpenWrt image would be to scp it from the PC or wget it from the server (which requires ssl support) or have your own non-SSL web server on the LAN.

This is not a typical method. The more generic way is to use TFTP recovery either automatic by holding down the WPS button while booting or manually with bootloader commands. These should be on the device OpenWrt wiki page.

Thanks for your answer but I mean do it from this place

  1. Download the correct sysupgrade.bin file.
  2. Download a tftp server software.
  3. Disable the firewall of the PC that will run the tftp server and set static IP address (to avoid additional setenv settings).
  4. Transfer the sysupgrade.bin file from the tftp server to the router.
    ath> tftpboot 0x81000000 sysupgrade.bin
  5. Pay attention to the file size in hex format, shown at the end of the transfer.
    Example: Bytes transferred = 4491822 (448a2e hex)
  6. Execute the following commands:
ath> erase 0x9f0c0000 +0x448a2e
ath> cp.b 0x81000000 0x9f0c0000 0x448a2e

Replace 0x448a2e with the correct value in your case!!!

For reference:
Generic flashing over the Serial port


It's a lot safer to TFTP and boot the model's initramfs image (download it from the snapshots directory). This will temporarily run OpenWrt in RAM. Then use its sysupgrade command to install the release sysupgrade version.

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Thanks very much. It works for me
Apreciatte your help :grinning:

I made a video tutorial to share with you

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