WAN unplug remains unnoticed

Hi. When I unplug the WAN cable from the router the LuCI Status page keeps reporting that everything is fine. Is this normal? Do everyone with a Static or DHCP setup have this problem?

Router: TP-Link TL-WDR3600
OpenWRT 18.06.1

This is not unexpected for many units because the switch is still connected to the interface on the chip.

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But I can see the actual WAN port status in the web interface or using the command line:

    root@OpenWrt:~# swconfig dev switch0 port 1 get link
    port:1 link:down

Can the switch driver be configured to map one-port VLANs carrier to the switch port status?

You could check that status yourself, if important enough to you.

I am guessing that, for most people, knowing if the interface has a current lease is sufficient. For a case where you know the switch port involved, it is a much simpler problem to solve than doing it generically for all the combinations of single- and dual-phy SoCs, those that dedicate a phy to a physical port, and all the ways a user might configure the switch and Linux bridges.

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