WAN support on Fritz 7312

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Thanks to everyone's great support, my Fritz box 7312 is working with OpenWrt. From the hardware, it has one LAN and one WAN port.

  1. I was expecting that I should connect Main Router LAN port to input WAN port of 7312. So that I could create separate network under 7312. However, I could only extend the network if I connect routers LAN to LAN of Fritz 7312 (so in bridge mode). Is creating separate network not possible ?
  2. In bridge mode (LAN of router is connected to 7312), I am not able to access Luci neither if I am in router network nor if I am in network created by 7312. I have to disconnect the LAN cable (from 7312) and restart the router. And then only I could access administration via is this expected ?

Many thanks.

There is no WAN ethernet port, this is a two wire port for the lantiq ADSL modem that can not be used for anything other.

You can create vlans on the single available ethernet port.

This is the default static IP address of openwrt.
I think you wanna use it as wireless access point only.
Here is a setup guide:


Thanks. That explains a lot.

I have already configured it as Wireless access point (Router_LAN_1 -> 7312_FRITZ_LAN1). Whenever I connect to fritz_7312 wifi, I get IP address from my main router (and not from Fritz 7312). And that's why I am confuse on how to access Luci here...

As described in my link, you have to assign a static IP from the subnet of your main router.

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