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Hello, is it possible to setup OpenWrt router as DNS resolver for my smartphone, my work pc ..etc. Because my router have adguard ad blocking, have multiple DNS resolvers setup for each usecase (like youtube.com always try first, for social networks etc.) i have limited knowlage using anything on WAN, please show me info i can read.

p.s. my plan have static ip

Your OpenWrt should be your WAN DNS resolver by default. Are you having issues, DNS leaks - or maybe you desire to open DNS to the Public?

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i mean i want use IP of my home OpenWrt router for dns resolving my smartphone from cellular network))0

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OK, so you would:

  1. ALLOW Input 53/udp from wan
  2. Setup your phone's connection to use your home Static WAN address as DNS server*

:warning: This will expose the router's DNS service to the Internet (I wouldn't advise this).

*- Android devices require you to use a hostname instead of IP address when setting up an alternative DNS server

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would it be major security flaw?

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Use a VPN e.g. WireGuard to connect to your home you can either route only traffic to your router for DNS or all traffic through the VPN


As I mentioned above - opening 53/udp on your WAN would not be advisable for security reasons.

As an alternative, you could setup e.g. Wireguard VPN and use DNS thru the app/VPN connection as @egc noted.

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WireGuard banned in UAE, i cant use it now.

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