Wally's dr4029 Sysupgrade questions

Im wondering if a squashfs sysupgrade completly updates the openwrt image on the board as in my case it seems not to.

I built an image flashed it to my board and everything seemed to work i then built a new image with a later snapshot and installed it.
the newer image wifi would not work i borked my wifi firmware with incorect edits for my target so I decided to install my original image.

on reinstalling the original image via sysupgrade the wifi was still broken, I tried multiple times deleting the config etc... and the wifi was stil broken.
In the end I had to flash via uboot the original factory image I built with my first image from uboot after erasing the nand.

I'm just supprised installing the original working image did not restore my device to a working state, is this expected / normal ?

It definatly flashed and rebooted so I'm stumped.

Which device is this

I know the image builder images I create for WRT32X "break" the wifi - until I remove the macaddr settings added to the wifi config during sysupgrade

It is an unsupported target from my pr (Wally's dr4029)