W8980/w9980 mtd partition backup pls

Hi, I'm pretty desperate,
I think I do some disaster forllowing different guide on the web.
I have a tp link w8980 that was bricked, I resurrect it by crossflash the w9980 rom.
The problem is that now everything works except the 2.4 ghz band...it's doesn't show in any device. I try to flash openwrt, then lede, then the official w8980 and again the w9980 in any case the 2.4 band doen't work, in the last two, only the 5ghz works :frowning:
The only reason I could think for this is that I mess the mtd partition from 7c0000 untill the end.
Can someone provide me a backup of these partition?

do you still need the mtd partition ?