VTU member violation 23.05.0-rc2 Linksys WRT3200acm

Architecture: ARMv7 Target: mvebu/cortexa9
OpenWrt version: 23.05.0-rc2 Kernel: 5.15.118
I have a config using Bridge VLAN filtering (br-lan, br-lan.10, br-lan20 etc..) with 4xlan and 1xwan interfaces.
Unless I configure vid1 (br-lan.1) I am getting the following error in syslog:
Facility: KERN 'mv88e6085 f1072004.mdio-mii: VTU member violation for vid1, source port 3'
This happens even if nothing is on port 3.
The config simply has LAN1 tagged going to managed switch.
So, if i make my admin lan as br-lan.10 I get the error, if i change it to br-lan.1 all is fine !
weird ! not causing much problems since i can work around it by using br-lan.1 but I prefer removing vlan1/vid1 altogether from my configs.
Any ideas anyone ?

Replying to my own thread.
It looks like the problem was at the switch end (NetGear GS108T). The default management vlan for this switch is vlan 1. You can change this mangement vlan to anything else, e.g. vlan 10 but it appears that vlan 1 is still announced on the tagged ports. I found this out because bringing up the router without connecting the switch didn't register the VTU error above, as soon as the trunk port is connected to the switch the error appears.
Now I can either create a vlan 1 at the router and trunk it to the switch, keeping vlan10 as managment, or simply accept vlan 1 as the management vlan.
Anyway, as far as a i'm concerned it's solved.

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